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Album Preview

4 thoughts on “Album Preview

  1. Beautiful music on such a lovely day! Bravo Chris! Looking forward to listening to your new album and share it!

    1. Thank you Francoise!!!

  2. I listened to this beautiful work the first night 5 times all the way through. What makes it such a strong album is that all the songs are well written and each piece has its own beauty and flavor. I highly recommend listening with a good set of headphones to hear and feel the beauty in Chris’s tone. It is this that caught me listening to the entirety of it over and over. Looking forward to much more music from you in the future.

    Thank you Chris.

  3. […] Chris Fossek, sat center stage strumming Spanish flamenco guitar, played songs from his new album, Camino Cielo, which was released in April. Fossek described his style as a sensical blend of motifs inspired by […]

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