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Authentic. Soulful. Virtuosic.

Called “a fascinating pan-cultural aesthetic” by Performing Arts Review, the exciting blend of flamenco motifs, Balkan folk music, classical composition and improvisation is Chris Fossek’s signature style.


Chris Fossek performs at the Guitar Salon International!

Santa Barbara Film Festival

AMAZING GRACE (DOCUMENTARY, 2020, 55min) Grace Fisher was an active musician and dancer until a rare spine disease almost derailed her budding career. In this new award winning documentary we see grief transformed into gratitude and tragedy turned into opportunity.

In a touching scene, Chris plays one a Grace’s favorite guitars for her. They share a moment together as two musicians who love everything about guitars, from the unique characteristics each one possesses to the sweet smell of the woods from which they are made.

Santa Barbara Film Festival

FROM WATER TO WIND (SHORT FILM, 2019, USA. 3 min) is a visual poem and music film that reminds us of the importance of living in the present and being more conscious of the current environment that surrounds those of us who live in Santa Barbara. With the backdrop of the breathtaking Riviera landscape along with the soundtrack of Chris Fossek’s intricate guitar musings, this short film focuses on the beautiful simplicities in life we should all slow down and realize more often.


Life is not about holding on to things but rather letting go and giving. This could not be more true when it comes to music. Music not only demands that we let go and give all we have to give to the moment, it honors the listeners as well as the collaborators and is thus a celebration of life itself.
– Chris Fossek

The only time you truly own something is the moment you give it away.
– Roman Bosco

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